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The Game Against Cryptocurrency

The Game Against Cryptocurrency

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Does everyone know you as the person who always talks about bitcoin? Do you try to shill the latest DeFi project to your family and friend over dinner? Have you even tried to explain what an NFT is to your dog?


If so, then this game is for you.


The Game Against Cryptocurrency is the party game for nerds where you fill in the blanks with cryptocurrency related words and phrases to try to create the funniest sentence. 


Full instructions are on the bottom of the box but essentially; each player has a number of white cards in their hand with single words or short phrases on, and then players take it in turns to pick a random orange card which will have a sentence including some blank spaces on. Each player then choose the best white card in their hand which creates the funniest blank filling for the orange card and the holder of the orange card decides who's choice was best. The winner of the round then claims the specific orange card and the ultimate winner is the person who gets the most orange cards.



    - 75 orange cards

    - 225 white cards 


    Unfortunately we can't offer any returns or refunds so make sure you really want this before you click buy!


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